Der viersemestrige Masterstudiengang Moving Cultures – Transcultural Encounters / Cultures en mouvement – rencontres transculturelles / Culturas en movimiento – encuentros transculturales (Moving Cultures) ist ein viersprachiger Studiengang, der die in einem anglistischen, romanistischen oder vergleichbaren Bachelorstudiengang erworbenen kultur- und literaturwissenschaftlichen Kernkompetenzen vertieft und diese mit einer interdisziplinären Perspektive auf Phänomene des Kulturkontakts innerhalb der anglophonen, frankophonen und hispano­phonen Welt verbindet. Mehr erfahren …


Aktuelle Hinweise

Guest Lecture by Galvan-Alvarez

Sovereignty On Camera: Documentary, Performance and War in Syria


As the Syrian revolution, which began as a peaceful grassroots movement, became militarised in 2012, the Syrian government started losing ground in different parts of the country. From the early days, these ‘liberated..

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Guest Lecture by Roman Bartosch

Towards Transcultural Ecology: Learning | Reading

The ‘New World Literature’. The ‘Anthropocene’. Two of the most recent and most vitally flourishing critical concepts currently discussed in literary studies seem to demand a move towards a planetary scale. Not only may this move conflict..

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Guest Lecture by D. N. Rodowick

Hannah Arendt’s Care for Culture

29. Juni 2017, 18:00 in Cas 1.812 –In her long philosophical career, Arendt wrote relatively little on aesthetics nor did she seem overly concerned with the criticism of art. At the same time, she was deeply concerned about the humanities..

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