NELK Book Club

AlterNatives by Drew Hayden Taylor

Thursday 31.03.2022 | 6pm on Zoom

A very liberal contemporary couple—Angel, an urban Native science fiction writer, and Colleen, a “non-practising” Jewish intellectual who teaches Native literature—hosts a dinner party. The guests at this little “sitcom” soirée are couples that represent what by now have become the clichéd extremes of both societies: Angel’s former radical Native activist buddies and Colleen’s environmentally concerned vegetarian / veterinarian friends. The menu is, of course, the hosts’ respectful attempt at shorthand for the irreconcilable cultural differences about to come to a head during the evening: moose roast and vegetarian lasagna.

For more information and if you would like to attend the event, please contact the organisers Silvia Anastasijevic ( and Michelle Stork (

The meeting is open to all staff and students, just read the book and come along.