Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree or comparable degree in a similar subject
  • Letter of Motivation in English (max. 800 words)
    Provides information on the motivation to study the programme and the intended academic focus. Besides its stylistic and formal quality, the letter of motivation is evaluated based on the convincing presentation of a personal and subject-specific interest in the Master’s programme Moving Cultures – Transcultural Encounters. The admissions committee evaluates the letter of motivation with regard to the following criteria:

a) How are candidates able to adequately reflect on and communicate their professional background and practical experiences?
b) To what extent do students’ backgrounds reveal academic skills and a basic familiarity with theoretical concepts and work from the field of cultural studies that are necessary for successful studying Moving Cultures – Transcultural Encounters?
c) To what extent does the letter show evidence of a lasting and sustainable motivation for an intensive engagement with the subject matter as well as an ability to study independently?
d) Can candidates demonstrate a compatibility between their academic goals and career aspirations and the methods and contents taught in the Master’s programme?

The motivation letter is evaluated as follows:
very good (Grade 1) to poor (Grade 5)
The decision on admittance to the Master’s programme is taken on the basis of the marks of the first professional degree (51 %) and the letter of motivation (49 %). The resulting overall rating must be at least Grade 2.5.

  • Proof of English and French / Spanish / Italian language skills – you have to choose a main language:
    If English is chosen as main language, level C1 is requested, and French or Spanish or Italian language skills have to be on level B2.
    If French is chosen as main language, level C1 is requested, and English or Spanish or Italian knowledge have to be on level B2.
    If Spanish is chosen as main language, level B2 is requested in Spanish and English.
    If Italian is chosen as main language, level B2 is requested in Italian and in English.

Provisional Admission

If the university entrance qualification for the consecutive Master’s programme (namely the Bachelor’s degree) has not yet been completed, you can apply for the programme with a transcript of records on the basis of at least 80% of the required CP for the bachelor’s degree. This provisional certificate must be issued by an office authorised to award grades or issue certificates. If a student is admitted, this will be on a provisional basis. Provisional admission is valid for 6  months.

Mode of Admission

Admission is not restricted. Students will be directly admitted if the admission requirements are met in full.